Why the “Vision Pro” is a breakthrough

Heinz Arnold, senior editor at Markt & Technik, recently published an insightful article, discussing the highly anticipated release of Apple's new VR device, "Vision Pro," and its implications for the AR/VR market

Heinz Arnold, senior editor at Markt & Technik, recently published an insightful article, discussing the highly anticipated release of Apple’s new VR device, “Vision Pro,” and its implications for the AR/VR market. He poses the key question: “So why the announcement now? Isn’t that too early?”. Arnold acknowledges that the new glasses from Apple are being positioned as a “spatial computing” device, and digs deeper into the strategy behind this.


Arnold states clearly in the article: what AR glasses still lack today are suitable displays. MicroLEDs have not yet met the expectations originally placed on them; they are too expensive to produce, not bright enough and do not provide enough resolution. That’s probably why Apple also uses microOLEDs for the “Vision Pro”.


Arnold sees that over the last years, Laser Beam Scanning (LBS) technology has emerged as a promising candidate for realizing AR glasses, and cites TriLite as a key player providing this technology in the market.


TriLite, of course, is delighted about Apple’s commitment to the development of Ar and VR technology –



You can read the full article here: https://www.elektroniknet.de/optoelektronik/warum-die-vision-pro-ein-durchbruch-ist.205837.html

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