Laser Technology

Game-changing laser beam scanners

Say goodbye to large, bulky, expensive display engines for head mounted displays. TriLite uses unique, software-first architecture for the smallest, lightest and brightest laser beam scanner in the world. Overcoming previous display limitations, our patented display technology enables the creation of the world’s smallest projection display.

Our Trixel® laser beam scanner unit with waveguide or holographic optical element coupling can be integrated into very lightweight HMD devices. This game-changing design releases Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality to step out of the movies and into everyday life.


RGB Laser Module

Best image quality in RGB color

Our latest product evolution, the Trixel®3, sets a new standard for image quality in terms of brightness, optical compatibility, power consumption and reliability. At the heart of this leap forward is the integrated RGB colorlaser module developed by TriLite, with custom-designed microlenses fully optimized for AR applications. 
The software-driven hardware architecture and TriLite’s proprietary high-precision laser bonding techniques enable a significant improvement in affordability. And all this can be contained within one tiny, hermetically sealed package.


MEMS Mirror Module

Micro-electrical-mechanical systems

The Trixel® laser beam scanner contains a single state-of-the-art 2D micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) mirror, doing away with the need for complex relay optics between the mirror and waveguide/holographic input.

MEMS technology allows an incredibly small form factor and minimal weight, as well as low power consumption. Our software-driven hardware architecture enables less alignment steps, providing benefits in terms of assembly yield and manufacturing costs. All this adds up to a laser beam scanner that is ready for mass market Augmented Reality.


Laser Pulse Timing Algorithms


Distortion-free image quality for AR

TriLite’s patented laser pulse timing algorithms enable the perfect overlapping of RGB color channels, eliminating image distortions – all without requiring any additional optical elements. Shifting complexity from hardware to software is just one more way Trixel® achieves such a small form factor. And why it provides the best image quality for high performance AR applications utilizing a wide field of view on the market.

Unique tool chain, including pixel-painting algorithms to allow full system simulation from video-in to photon-out, optimizing design performance and iteration speed

Proprietary multiparameter algorithms for laser and mirror control to minimize complexity and size of the optical system

Software-driven hardware architectures that allow higher alignment tolerances, to increase yield and reduce manufacturing costs


Optical Combiner Compatibility

Fully flexible and ready to work for you

TriLite partners with optical combiner suppliers to optimize laser beam scanner display solutions. Trixel® 3 ensures the best possible performance through the efficient interface between the laser beam scanner and waveguide or holographic optical elements.
It is compatible with any optical combiner and can be customized. Talk to TriLite about how Trixel® can be customized to make your head mounted display applications a reality.


The World's Smallest Display

How the Trixel® 3 outperforms the market

The world’s smallest projection display is no idle boast. Trixel® 3 offers significant advantages over previous HMD solutions to our OEM partners. For more information on Trixel® 3, please visit the Download section or contact us via