Trixel® 3

Trixel® 3 ultra-compact display for consumer mass markets

Meet the world's smallest display for AR

Our latest product evolution, Trixel® 3, sets a new standard in super small projection displays. It is a revolutionary step forward in terms of size, weight, image quality, optical compatibility, power consumption and reliability. TriLite’s mass-manufacturable laser beam scanners deliver performance that significantly outshines conventional display technology.

To achieve such a small form factor, Trixel® 3 integrates several key patented technologies resulting in a wider field of view, better resolution, faster refresh rate, and higher luminance.  Trixel® 3 has been optimized for system integration avoiding any relay optics to optimize size and improve picture quality. Mass production of Trixel® 3 brings high performance consumer AR applications to truly wearable head mounted devices as lightweight as the eyewear of today.


Trixel® 3 Evaluation Kit

Trixel3 Evaluation Kit with glasses and laptop

Discover our evaluation kit

Experience – how Trixel® 3 enables the true
consumer AR eyewear experience

Integrate – into test environments, benchtop and
form factor demonstrators

Evaluate – multiple system level variables
and options to optimize production systems

Our evaluation kit is ideal for OEMs and System Integrators who want to accelerate time to market, rapidly prototype, and realize Augmented Reality solutions, fast! The Trixel® 3 Evaluation Kit features the ultra-compact Trixel® 3 optical display engine – a mass manufacturable, miniature and lightweight LBS integrating the RGB light source, and a single 2D MEMS mirror. It’s designed with flexibility in mind allowing coupling to waveguides, HOE or freespace combiners. Contact to order your
Trixel® 3 Evaluation Kit.




Customer Success

Shape Trixel® 3 to your requirements

We have designed Trixel® to be as flexible as possible so it can be customized to our customers’ specific needs and we have a proven track record of working with global tech brands to accelerate growth.

With our deep knowledge of laser beam scanner-based AR systems and compatibility with a wide range of optical combiner technologies, we offer the most customizable and smallest projection solutions on the market, ready to be integrated into both existing ecosystems and new products for an outstanding user experience.

TriLite has also created Trixel® 3 with manufacturability in mind. OEMs partner with us to utilize the TriLite Manufacturing Services Platform, accessing manufacturing licenses and quality integration design support to achieve mass market volumes.


Customer Benefits

The world’s smallest projection display

The Trixel® 3 laser beam scanner display offers unique advantages to our OEM customers, outperforming the competition in key design parameters for AR head mounted display, including size, weight and image quality. Existing ecosystems and new products can benefit from scaling Augmented Reality devices and offering an outstanding user experience.


Smallest size:
<1 cm3


Lowest weight:
1.5 g

brightness Kopie

High brightness:
15 lm


Low power consumption:
420 mW


field of view:
24° x 18°




color gamut:
214% over sRGB