What Does the Future Hold for AR Display Technology?

For augmented reality (AR) headsets, the
barriers to adoption have typically been cost, display quality, and physical
size. The key to solving these challenges is the display technology – and a new
report from Sam Dale at IDTechEx explains the issues.


As the report says, AR headsets and glasses need bright, compact, lightweight and low-cost displays, that are of sufficient resolution so the wearer can clearly read text.

Idtechex Augmented Reality display Report

The report discusses the various technology options, including laser beam scanning (LBS), as developed by TriLite, and microLED displays – much-hyped, but seemingly very difficult to manufacture at scale. LBS Projection Displays which, being based entirely on established hardware technologies, certainly solves the manufacturing at scale challenge.


Sam states in the report, “They can be made almost as compact as microLED microdisplays (Austrian startup TriLite Technologies’ Trixel 3 LBS display has a volume of less than a cubic centimeter), can couple efficiently with waveguide optics due to their highly collimated output light and, unlike microLEDs, are based entirely on established hardware technologies.”


Read more on the report here: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/idtechex_what-does-the-future-hold-for-ar-display-activity-7127232028348960768-bgoI

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