SPIE Monthly Fireside chat with Dr. Manuel Dorfmeister

We’re thrilled to share that TriLite featured in the monthly AR/VR/MR webinar hosted by SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics.
At these monthly webinars, known as fireside chats, the hosts Bernard Kress and Christophe Peroz delve into the minds of industry leaders to explore important AR/VR/MR topics and bring the latest updates to the SPIE online community.
This month, they interview Manuel Dorfmeister, Head of MEMS and e-Software at TriLite, who gave an informative presentation on “Providing the path for compact consumer AR glasses through software-defined LBS displays.” Manuel is a true expert in MEMS, and leads a team of experts at TriLite in designing the system architecture, machine learning-based calibration, and firmware development of Trixel® 3, TriLite’s ultra-compact laser beam scanner (LBS). 
Manuel and his team at TriLite are at the forefront of developing software-defined LBS displays that shift complexity from hardware to software, providing the path for compact consumer AR glasses. Their work is truly ground-breaking, and we’re thrilled to see them share their expertise with the SPIE community.

 You can find the recording of the fireside chat here: Manuel Dorfmeister Fireside Chat Recording 

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