Meet us at AWE 2023!

We’re excited to announce that TriLite Technologies will be present at AWE USA 2023 taking place in Santa Clara, from 31th May to 2nd of June – the premier event focused on the future of augmented, virtual and mixed reality. AWE is an annual conference and expo that brings together a global audience of industry professionals, developers, and enthusiasts to explore the latest innovations in immersive technologies.  And to add to the excitement, TriLite’s Trixel® 3 has been nominated for the “Best AR/VR Interaction Product” Auggie Award!

As a leading provider of optical display engines, we’re looking forward to share our passion for immersive technologies with you and explore how we can work together to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Meet our team of experts to talk about our cutting-edge product, Trixel® 3, the world’s smallest, lightest, and brightest laser beam scanner (LBS) designed specifically for high-volume consumer AR applications.

To schedule a meeting with us and learn more about our products and services, please contact

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