Projection applications

Projection applications 2017-04-19T15:24:11+00:00

The world’s smallest RGB laser projector

We have developed the world’s smallest RGB laser projector for use in Augmented and Virtual Reality hardware, Head-Up-Displays, embedded Pico-Projectors, Smart Watches, and more.

Imagine the endless possibilities of projectors so small that they can be integrated in portable consumer devices: pico projectors embedded in smart phones, with high resolution and low power consumption.

TriLite Technologies has created the world’s smallest RGB laser projector for wide-ranging applications in Augmented, Virtual and Mixed reality, automotive and aviation Head-Up-Displays, embedded Pico-Projectors for smart phones and smart watches, medical applications and many more.

While competing technologies are combining the red, green and blue beams necessary for full color projection via hardware micro-optics, TriLite has taken the path of combining all three color channels via it’s patented software beam combination approach, drastically reducing the size and cost of the projector unit. This, in turn, drastically reduces the size of consumer wearables, one necessary ingredient for fast and worldwide adoption of AR/VR applications and many others.