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Large-scale autostereoscopic outdoor displays

Imagine the endless possibilities of outdoor screens in 3D: Outdoor video screens and arrays that can be of any size and placed at any location, just like conventional LED video technology. Add the capability of 3D and you will excite the masses.

You think the success of such a technology is limited when all this requires annoying devices such as special 3D glasses? You think this is the reason why 3D home entertainment hasn’t really kicked off yet as anticipated by consumer electronics manufacturers?

We think so too! And that is why we are building the technology that makes autostereoscopic (“glasses-free”) 3D possible. TriLite is revolutionizing 3D technology by building the first autostereoscopic 3D screen for outdoor use, with day and night visibility and no strings in form of 3D glasses attached.

Imagine giant outdoor screens for digital advertising at the hot spots of the world, sports events and concerts, public screenings, digital traffic signage, and more – in autostereoscopic 3D.

State-of-the-art glasses-free 3D displays are often limited in size, e ffective brightness, number of 3D viewing zones, and maximum 3D viewing distances, all of which are mandatory requirements for large-scale outdoor displays. Conventional autostereoscopic indoor concepts like lenticular lenses or parallax barriers cannot simply be adapted for these screens due to the inherent loss of eff ective resolution and brightness, which would reduce both image quality and sunlight readability. We are developing a modular autostereoscopic multi-view display with full sunlight readability and up to several thousand 3D viewing zones.

TriLite 3D display Times Square

TriLite Technologies introduces a revolution in outdoor digital signage applications

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Check out our movie